Fosses Theatre Group provides theatre styled shows direct to your venue. From Musicals to Cole Porter we give your audience a unique show. The shows can be standalone or have a full theatre setup which includes sets and a full lighting rig. The theatre setup requires more space so please check requirements on the specific show page.

Our 3 main shows are A Night At The Musicals, Revive The 80’s, and  Wilma: The Time Travelling Musical Romp. We are very happy to work to your budget and we can adapt any show to fit around you and your venue, where possible.

Our professional performers have been in the business for many years. Our two main performers – James & Iggy – are experienced in theatre and interacting with an audience.

We provide many other types of show as well, so if you’re looking for something unique you’ve come to the right place. To see all of our shows click here.

Our shows also encourage an audience to remain seated helping a venue to follow the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines.