1. One Voice (Live)
  2. Could It Be Magic (Live)
  3. Copacabana (Live)
  4. Who Needs To Dream (Live)
  5. The Rose (Eclipsed Mix)
  6. Why Haven’t I Heard From You
  7. No Matter What (Meatloaf Mix)
  8. Secret Love
  9. Somewhere Over The Wonderful World
  10. Don’t Cry Out Loud (feat. Louise Andrews)
  11. The Greatest Love Of All (feat. Basil Soper – Words & Music Edit)
  12. American Trilogy (feat. Basil Soper)
  13. Forever In Blue Jeans (Live)
  14. Sweet Caroline (Live)
  15. Cracklin’ Rosie (Live)
  16. America (Live)


One Voice was mostly recorded live in London’s Soho district at a restaurant called Escargot. The album feature many of James’s favourite songs, including an exclusive version of Elvis Presley’s American Trilogy.

American Trilogy features the famous voice of the sadly missed Basil Soper. Whilst his name may not be familiar his voice will be. Well known for his appearance in the P.I. Helpline advert, Basil was one of James’s closest friends and kindly provided his voice and spoken word for the track. He also appears on The Greatest Love Of All.

Once voice is an eclectic choice. An album with something for everyone.