Revive The 80s

Revive The 80’s is a tongue-in-cheek journey through a decade filled with Strikes, The Rubik’s Cube, Bad Hair, Maggie Thatcher, The Mobile Phone and Crap Music.

Revive the 80’s is a show for the whole family.

Featuring modern sound and lighting Revive The 80s is a non-stop high octane party.

The show can be booked with or without the stage set & lighting.

Revive the 80’s is broken down into sections with Video informing the audience of significant moments of the 1980’s.

Learn about the birth of the Mobile Phone, The Satellite Dish, Dancing Fruit, The Mullet and much much more

James & Iggy perform some of the decades more memorable hits as well as some forgettable ones. The show has the ability to change the songs so you may never see the same show twice.

Revive the 80’s a show for every generation.

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