The Venue

Fosses began life like any other Hotel bar. Regular Cabaret, Bingo, Quizzes etc were the main stay. Guests never ventured in until after 10:30pm. In fact it was losing money. It wasn’t until 2010 when james became involved in the business that he decided it was in bad need of a make-over. He also knew that to survive we had to create something unique to any hotel in Blackpool. In fact as far as we know we are unique to any hotel in the U.K.

Fosses underwent it’s first Major transformation in late 2011. All the old seating was ripped out, as was the serving area. New wallpaper, paint and DJ box completed the first stage. In january 2012, Fosses underwent another transformation, this was phase 2 of James’ plan. We built a theatre stage, complete with wings, lighting and sets. In March of that year the first show (A Night At The Musicals) hit the stage to excellent reviews. It was swiftly followed by The Neil Diamond Story and the comedy sketch show: Wilma!

Also during that renovation all the old Chesterfield Suites were removed and Bankett seating went in and a new pool area was created. This made the room a lot more spacious. Later that year Fosses was featured on Four In A Bed, with the contestants joining in the ‘Joseph’ section of the show to a packed audience. Needless to say the hotel won that particular show.

In 2014 Fosses had another Make-over. this also saw the first time the name Fosses was used. We decided that to make it feel more like a venue and less like a hotel bar we needed to have our own identity away from the hotel. We were however still unable to open to the public. That came later. We completely removed the games area and created more seating to accommodate the ever growing audience.

2015 saw an upgrade to the lighting and a new carpet.

2016 was the first time since we started that decided on a major overhaul. This time all the seating was removed and the decorating completely redesigned to give us a more theatre feel.

At the start of the 2017 we once again gave Fosses a Make-over. This time we removed the Bankett seating and dividing wall and created a raised level. This has given us more seating and the feel of a professional venue. We also gained a license to enable us to open to the public. The response has been very positive, with a 90% return rate.

2018 sees us replace the massive stage screen with Tv’s all over the room, so that no matter where you are sat you can feel a part of the show. We are also giving a lot of time to publicity to nake Fosses the no1 FREE theatre venue in Blackpool.

Fosses seats 60 people comfortably. We are available for private functions as well as party’s who want to come to see our shows as part of the celebration. If you would like more information you can contact us here. Wee look forward to seeing you soon.